Is Adobe Director 11 Releasing Soon?

Adobe Director 11 Icons

It’s been too long for Adobe Director users to wait for the release of Adobe Director 11. It has been postponed from early of 2007 to end of 2007 and yet we have no big clue about it after the last Director 11 updates. :neutral:

The discussion of this new version of Adobe Director had been carried out again in Adobe official forum. From the discussion we can hardly smell anything from Adobe Director folks. The comparison of Director and Flash is still the argumentive topic in the discussion. But there are still some good news are worth to share.

According to Dean Utian,

Adobe are working on Director 11. You can see discussions about the D11 sneak peak at Max earlier this month.

Adobe inherited a product that was given little attention by Macromedia since the last update back in 2004. Even prior to MX 2004, some areas of the product / features were being neglected. So, Adobe have found that it’s been a huge task to get Director back on track. They are putting resources into it. However, Director is very far behind where it should be and will take Adobe at least 2 versions to get it to the right level. D11 will hopefully be a starting point. Adobe have started talking about Director 12.

The trend of Multimedia is declining without any doubt. I hope that there is no more delay for the release of Adobe Director 11. The longer time it takes to release, the higher chance it loses its supporters.

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