Is ISP Manipulating BitTorrent Traffic?


Are you frustrated towards slow BitTorrent traffic? Certain ISPs(Internet Service Providers) have admitted that they manipulate BitTorrent traffic by limiting or blocking BitTorrent traffic sent by their customers. Instead of guessing if your BitTorrent traffic is blocked, we can actually test whether BitTorrent traffic is subject to manipulation or not.

Test it!

Glasnost provides a very efficient online tool for your to test if your ISP is manipulating BitTorrent traffic.

It only takes 4 minutes for a simple test or 7 minutes for a full test.

The test will be focusing on the popular BitTorrent protocal as many ISPs are suspected.

Glasnost Test Result So Far

Glasnost Test Result
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The map plots the geographic location of the 5358 nodes that has ran Glasnost BitTorrent from over 78 countries. Hosts that found their BitTorrents transfer being blocked are marked in red.

From the result, we know that blocking of BitTorrent transfers only in the U.S. and Singapore.

Read the full result page. :cool:

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