I’ve Got My First Advertlets Cheque!

After waited for 3 months, I finally got my first Advertlets cheque!

Advertlets Cheque
(Black and white version of Advertlets Cheque)

I cashed out my money on 2nd of October 2007, after 45 days of preparation plus 45 days of delivery, I got my cheque today (I am staying in KL area).

My thoughts about Advertlets

Even though there is a lot of complaints and frustrations about Advertlets but at least, Advertlets does pay the money. Hehe.

I have a few suggestions to Advertlets here. If you know Josh Lim, please ask him to pay this blog a visit. :cool:

  1. More transparency - Be more transparent on the payment progress so at least publishers know the exact time they can receive the money.
  2. Quick reply - Be quick in replying the questions that asked by publishers. I received Advertlets’s reply 2 months after I submitted few tickets to Advertlets to ask about the payment, earning and impressions problem.
  3. Higher earning – I believe most of Advertlets publishers are facing this crisis like me. The earning per impression has dropped terribly. My earning has dropped from RM1-2 per day until today, RM0.10-RM0.20. I did give them the reasons but I don’t think Advertlets takes it seriously.
  4. Keep a good image – If talk about branding, I personally think Nuffnang has done a good job on it. Think about the email nuffnangers received from Nuffnang, the punctuation of Nuffnang’s cheque and the efficiency of Nuffnang. Advertlets has a lot to learn from them.
  5. More promotion – Promotion should be carried on from time to time. Online and offline promotions can attract more bloggers to join the network and at the mean time, the brand name will get more famous.


Asia ads network is now more competitive since we have 4 local ads network right now. But isn’t it the reason that will beneficial bloggers and advertisers? I wonder…

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6 Responses to I’ve Got My First Advertlets Cheque!

  1. [...] I can say this is a very late payment for a local internet ads company. After I experienced Advertlets late payment, I thought it would be better for Nuffnang to process publishers’ payment due to their good [...]

  2. erickia says:

    i hope i can get my 1st payment from Advertlets soon XD

  3. kay says:

    erickia, good luck and don't put too much hopes.

  4. I wonder when I can receive my check from adverts.

  5. Kay says:

    Write an email to them if cashed out date has over 90 days.

  6. safar says:

    last of all you be able to also cheque from advertlets….But why pay so late

  7. Excellent site, keep up the good work

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