K-Director dot Com Income Report – October 2007

Bloggers like Johnchow.com and ConnectedInternet.com don’t mind to reveal their blogs’ monthly income. From their point of view, this kind of post can easily attracts their readers’ attentions towards how they make money online via blogging. On the other hand, bloggers like liewcf.com has stopped showing his monthly income since September 2005. The reason I am not too sure.

I have been struggling whether want to reveal this blog’s monthly income or not for quite a long time. :sad:

Why Reveal My Blogging Income?

Transparency – Readers like to know more about this blog, and of course, its income too.

Getting Attention – If talk about money, most of the readers are interested.

To Give Confidence – To prove that make money online is not a dream.

Why Do Not Reveal My Blogging Income?

Small Amount – Honestly, my blog didn’t perform very well in last few months. Therefore, its income didn’t achieve that high if compare with famous blog like Sabahan.com.

October 2007 Income Report

Since the advantages are more than disadvantage, so I decided to reveal my blog’s October income.

Kontera Ads – $30.50
Google Adsense – $62.80
Bidvertiser – $3.00 (Stopped using)
Feedburner – $0.00
Text-Link-Ads – $0.00
Advertlets – RM124.25
Nuffnang – RM13.89

Total in USD = $140.30

I will be receiving Feedburner’s check and cash from Google Adsense via Western Union Quick Cash by next week. :cool:


There will be no more big changes or restructure for this blog. Since I just got my blog’s PageRank back, I shall focus more in writing good content from now and onwards. To get more readers is the first priority job I should concentrate with. Wish me good luck! :grin:

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6 Responses to K-Director dot Com Income Report – October 2007

  1. Sze Ping says:

    Congrats on the earnings.

    I just checked my PR using the service you provided, haha… a PR 2.

  2. Michael Woo says:

    Eh this is good :) .. Thanks for letting know how much you earn XD :shock:

  3. Kay says:

    Michael, welcome.

  4. CypherHackz says:

    Wow… Good incomes… Nuffnang and Advertlets does not work good on my site but recently Nuffnang told me that Maxis will advertise on my website this week but till now, I never heard any new news from them.

  5. Kay says:

    Advertlets is definitely performing better than Nuffnang in http://www.K-Director.com. I can earn around RM2.00 per day from Advertlets without anyone clicking it. Just merely CPM. :cool:

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