k-director.com added ContentLinkâ„¢

I added Kontera ContentLinkâ„¢ in this blog. As you can see some of the words are double underlined. When you mouse over, it opens a tool tip layer with relevant advertising information.

What is a ContentLinkâ„¢?

A ContentLink™is a contextually relevant keyword that is discovered in real-time on a web page from within Kontera’s vast network of publishers and is automatically turned into a link to the most relevantad from among Kontera’s thousands of advertisers. ContentLinks™appear as distinctive links with aunique underline that upon mouse-over open a tool tip layer with relevant advertising information. Theprospective customer sees the text ad, complete with logo or other graphic element, and only uponclick will that user be directed to the advertiser’s web site. With ContentLink™, publishers generateincremental revenue while advertisers reach their most targeted and relevant audience on a Cost-Per-Click basis.

I got this free ticket from JohnChow.com. He wrote this in his blog,

Acceptance Based On Content, Not Page Views

The normal Kontera publisher qualifications for ContentLink are:

• Generate more than 500,000 page impressions per month
• Be content-rich with more than 50 words per page
• Use English as the primary language

Under the John Chow Kontera partnership, your acceptance into the ContentLink program will be based solely on the quality of your content and not your page views. We will also accept some non-English sites.

The rational behind this is based on the fact that traffic follows good content. I know many sites and blogs with great content but cannot sign up for Kontera because they lack the page view requirement. If your content is good, we will accept you.”

For more information, visit http://www.johnchow.com/john-chow-kontera-partner-to-bring-you-contentlink/. Follow the steps in the last paragraph of the article to sign up Kontera ContentLinkâ„¢. :D

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