Keyboard Shortcuts For Applications In Windows, Macintosh, Linux & Web apps

KeyXL for Keyboard Shortcuts

Good programmers always rely on keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse in controlling an application. However, looking for the full list of shortcut keys for an application is not that simple.

A Database of Keyboard Shortcuts provides a large database of many different applications’ keyboard shortcuts.
This keyboard shortcut database is searchable and covers all the major operating environments including Windows, Macintosh, Linux and browser-based applications.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Multimedia Softwares to Web Authoring Softwares

Software category covered includes Microsoft apps, Adobe apps, Google Apps, Web Browsers, Email programs, Photo/Imaging, MP3, HTML Editors and etc.

Adobe Flash CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is the sample I got from

Shortcut Command
F7 Modify > Timeline : Convert to Blank Keyframes
F6 Modify > Timeline : Convert to Keyframes
F8 Modify : Convert to Symbol
Ctrl-Alt- C Edit > Timeline : Copy Frames
Ctrl-Alt- X Edit > Timeline : Cut Frames
Ctrl-Alt-G View > Grid : Edit Grid
Ctrl-Alt-Shft- G View > Guides : Edit Guides
Ctrl-/ (slash) View > Snapping : Edit Snapping
Ctrl-E Edit : Edit Symbols
Ctrl-Alt-B Control : Enable Simple Buttons
Ctrl-Alt-F Control : Enable Simple Frame Actions
F5 Insert > Timeline : Frame (Add)
Ctrl- ; (semicolon) View > Guides : Guides (Show/Hide)
F4 Window : Hide/Show (A ll Open Panels)
Ctrl-R File > Import : Import to Stage
Ctrl-L , F11 Window : Library Panel (Show/Hide)
Ctrl-Alt-L Modify > Arrange : Lock (Group )
Ctrl-Alt-; (semicolon) View > Guides : Lock Guides
Ctrl-Alt-M Control : Mute Sounds
Ctrl-F8 Insert : New Symbol
Ctrl-Shft-0 File > Import : Open External Library
Ctrl-Alt-Shft-0 View > Previe w Mode : Outlines (View As)
Ctrl-V Edit : Paste in Center (Clipboard Contents)
Ctrl-Alt- V Edit > Timeline : Paste Frames
Ctrl-Shft- V Edit : Paste in Plac e (Clipboard Cont ents)
Enter Control : Play (Movie)
F12 File > Publish Preview : Publish Preview (Default)
Ctrl-Shft-F12 File : Publish Settings
Shft-F5 Edit > Timeline : Remove Frames
Ctrl-Shft-Z Modify > Transform : Remove Transform
Ctrl-Alt-R Control : Rewind (Movie)
Ctrl-Alt-S Modify > Transform Select All : Scale and Rotate
Ctrl-Alt-A Edit > Timeline : Frames
Ctrl-Shft-’ (apostrophe) View > Snapping : Snap to Grid
Ctrl-Shft-; (semicolon) View > Snapping : Snap to Guides
Ctrl-Shft-/ (slash View > Snapping : Snap to Objects
, (comma) Control : Step Backward One Frame
. (period) Control : Step Forward One Frame
Ctrl-Enter Control : Test Movie
Ctrl-Alt-T Window : Timeline (Show/Hide)
Ctrl-Alt-Shft-L Modify > Arrange : Unlock All (locked groups)


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