Let your reader submit a guest post – TDO Mini Forms WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin
TDO Mini Forms allows you to add highly customisable forms to your WordPress blog that allows your readers (including non-registered) to submit guest posts.

For admininstrator
The posts are kept in “draft” until an admin can publish them (also configurable). The plugin provides an extensive moderation view so administrators and editors can see posts awaiting approval and publish or delete them. Administrators can also ban specific users and IPs from using the form. Administrators can also “Trust” specific users. This means that when they use the form, their posts are automatically published.

For user
Registered users have access to a “Your Submissions” page which lists their current submissions awaiting approval and links to their approved submissions.

Here are some screenshots (click to enlarge):

TDO Mini Forms Screenshot
The Form as displayed to non-registered users

TDO Mini Forms WordPress Plugin
The Moderation page (v0.6)

TDO Mini Forms WordPress Plugin
“Your Submissions” page for registered users

TDO Mini Forms WordPress Plugin
The Moderation page (v0.7) for approved submissions

TDO Mini Forms WordPress Plugin
The overview page

TDO Mini Forms WordPress Plugin
Constructing your form using “widgets”


* Highly customisable: Create your form using a Widget interface.
* Create as many forms as you like.
* Put a form in your sidebar using a widget for your Theme.
* Submit pages instead of posts.
* Simple Question and/or Image Captcha.
* Posting Policy.
* Add Custom Fields to your Form.
* QuickTags support for Forms.
* Upload Files and can be attached to posts. Uses WordPress’ core to create thumbnails if applicable.
* Submitters can be notified if post approved or rejected.
* Allow users to select category and tags.
* Ban users and IPs.
* Control what roles can access the form.
* Can automatically create a page with form for you.
* Can automatically modified author template tag with info about submitter.
* Can, optionally, automatically allow submissions to be published.

[Download: do-mini-forms.0.10.1.zip]
About installation

My $0.02

If you’re looking for people to submit a guest post, this would be the best plugin to help you to moderate submitted post. I have not yet try this out but I definitely will do it in future. Have you tried TDO Mini Forms? Mind to share your experience with us?

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25 Responses to Let your reader submit a guest post – TDO Mini Forms WordPress Plugin

  1. Abas says:

    Hi, K

    How's stuff?

    INteresna! ONe could start a Paid to Blog business with it! Splendid find, dude. One more page bookmarked! :-D


  2. Rachel says:

    Hey! Excellent site!
    Very good work webmaster!
    Best regards! ;)

  3. Maris says:

    Hi friend!
    I liked your site!
    Good work! ;)

  4. Russ says:

    What a great plug in. Well thought out and looks like just what I’m looking for.
    Great work.

  5. kay says:

    @Russ, glad that it helps.

  6. Dale Hurley says:

    Great article, have you managed to make the form a little more user friendly like how admins can post in WP?


  7. Kay says:

    @Dale Hurley, TDO Mini Forms WordPress Plugin is user friendly enough for normal article submission. I afraid I have no right to extend the usability of it. :)

  8. Andra says:

    how to set category from get variabel ?

  9. Luvuiui says:

    limo.cne.cn – limo.cne.cn

  10. [...] will allow readers to submit the contributions via the blog and have them turned into posts? Let your reader submit a guest post – TDO Mini Forms WordPress Plugin | K-Director.com Try that. Should be exactly what you’re looking [...]

  11. David says:

    can you use like…”reader submit post related” like i see at oddee.com ?

  12. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  13. Gangster93 says:

    A potential disadvantage of doing it in general is that the subconversations would become more isolated from each other and it would be harder to discuss connections between them. ,

  14. vik says:

    Good idea. Thanks

  15. John99 says:

    Every one of em oughta be punched in the nuts. ,

  16. johny why says:


    i have used TDOMF, and it’s awesome. i also coded a hack, to add a “Make this post sticky” checkbox to the form. here’s my hack-

    (ps, you might want to consider moderating the spam on your blog, or use akismet :)

  17. S K Prasad says:

    I get this error when I try and activate the plug in

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 7680 bytes) in /hsphere/local/home/c280597/idostocksmyself.com/blog/wp-content/plugins/tdo-mini-forms/widgets/tdomf-comments-widget.php on line 320

    I am using WordPress 2.9.1 and TDO Mini Form Version 0.13.7

  18. slogans says:

    ok, so on my slogans website I want people to be able to add their own slogans. How can you add a tdo form to a page? what code do you use? it won’t do it automatically for me.

    great plugin (if I can get it working!)

  19. Thanx for the super cool plugin mate :)

  20. Did anyone see that Strasburg throw tonight?? Unbelievable….100mph, nasty curve and already throws a plus change. The sky is the limit for this kid!

  21. HairBearBunch says:

    Did any find out how to set category from get variable ? someone asked back in 2008 and all my google results have now turned purple (sad face)

  22. Sign: zdbrw Hello!!! qfasf and 7938enehpugvsu and 1396 : Nice blog!

  23. ??????????? says:

    Thanks you verymuch. For the article.

  24. Tropik' Arts says:

    That’s a very great plugin. I am using it in one of my websites. And i am very satisfied.

    Great job !

  25. thank you for this information. This is the first time that i know this plugins.

  26. Chiranth K A says:

    please specify the requirements (wordpress versions/ Php versions) for this plugin.

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