Love(Red Heart) China Conquers China MSN


On 16 April, a MSN message had been sprayed around among China MSN users. “Please add (L)CHINA in front of your MSN ID/name to show the world how united Chinese are.

Just only 2 days, almost every China MSN users has already put a “LOVE(red heart) China” in their MSN status to show their patriotism. According to MSN, over 2.3 millions MSN users participate in this silent protest, including foreign Chinese. :shock:

Love China

Besides MSN, China Internet users also has set their status to “red flag” in another famous IM – QQ.

The purpose behind this is want to protest Western repels Olympic in this coming August. If you would like to show some responds on Western Olympic protests, set (L)CHINA to your MSN too.

(I set mine to (L)Malaysia to protest corruption in Malaysia.)

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