Make Donation to Si Chuan Victims via MSN Rainbow Project

China MSN China Toyota

Besides Skype offers free call to Si Chuan, China MSN has co-operated with China Toyota in launching a donation project called “MSN Rainbow Project” for Si Chuan victims. With a simple action, you’ll be able to donate RMB0.20 for rebuilding schools in disaster areas.

How to Participate

1. Register as a China MSN user.

2. Before your name in Windows Live Messenger, set this status -

MSN window

With this signature in MSN, MSN will donate RMB0.10 for Si Chuan victims. Same goes to Toyota. Donation will be used in building new schools for disaster victims.

What If I Am Not From China

If you’re not from China, I suggest you to register a temporary ID. Select country to China and sign a status before your name. It would help too.

As A Result

So far, 800,238 people have already participated in “Rainbow Project”. Total donation collected has reached RMB160,047.60. Thankfully, the donation is still increasing from MSN users like you. :wink:

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17 Responses to Make Donation to Si Chuan Victims via MSN Rainbow Project

  1. kasey says:

    Umm sounds great, but what about those of us not from china! This is a world issue, and as a Canadian i would to help, do i seriously have to change my country to do so?

    Come on guys…

  2. ndy says:

    total bullshit. give me real hard evidence that this works. and why not instead of donating directly than putting stupid rainbows in your nickname?

    and why wouldn't Toyota just donate a lump sum and instead ask people to put this support gay pride thing in their msn?

    if you have a heart. donate direct.

  3. isabella says:

    I agree with kasey wholeheartedly.
    I am too not from China and would really want to be a part of this project. Like Kasey had said, this is a global issue, and many of us around the world want to help the victims of this natural disaster, but not many of us want to change our country. So, just as a suggestion,  i think you guys should make a little change to the system, so as to allow all msn accounts to be able to  participate and show our love to these chinese victims.
    Thanks :grin:

  4. MG says:

    Hi, I am from China. I read about the above comments, thank you guys. About the system, I agree with you fully. This is the global issue, so you want to represent your country to help people there. I think they may face the system problem to do this project worldwide, and the problem may not to be solved resently. So I think compare with the issue about the nationality, the disaster is more important. I think you no need to change your current ID, just apply for a new one and put the country to China, and you add the rainbow, then can just drop the new ID. Anyway, thank you again! Really, thanks!
    PS. The situation there is still not well although people worldwide give their hands fully, the disaster is really bad one. People there really need all kinds of help currently and in the future as well, it will be a long term thing to help them. Please do what you can, no matter how or what, please. Thank you!

  5. kay says:

    @Kasey & Isabella: I am not from China either. I am Malaysian. For non-China MSN users, the only way to participate in this project is register a new ID with "China" selected in country category. Me myself, have already registered a new ID for it and sign in my Windows Live Messenger with this new ID and status. At the same time, I am using Windows messenger for chatting purpose.

  6. kay says:

    @MG, thanks for dropping by. I believe people from worldwide will lend a hand to earthquake victims as much as they can. God bless u all.

  7. kay says:

    @ndy: It's all about business strategy. I believe by going through this donation method, it would indirectly help to promote the brand of sponsors.

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  9. Bryan says:

    For all them sceptics out there…


  10. jim says:

    dude i dont get this at all… this is total crap that you put a stupid rainbow crap on ur MSN name, damn its so damn lame!!! and do all that crap for a donation of 0.1RMB!! WTF?! you seriously think i will bother adding a stupid rainbow crap to my name for 0.1 RMB donation? DAMN! i donated 100 dollars with VISA in like, 1 damn minute and u lazy asses who dont wanna donate no shit just fucking do a stupid rainbow sign!!! FUCK YOU!!

  11. Bryan says:

    Well I'm sorry if you don't want to make every single effort to help the people in Sichuan. In case you didn't know (which I hope you don't), I have also donated money on my own accord and got my parents to donate shirts and materials to areas around Sichuan. A couple of friends and I are now pulling up a plan for a fund-raiser in our school.

    The quake was horrible. I felt it. It was a tiny shiver in my area, but that tiny shiver in my area caused thousands of deaths somewhere else. It's a shit feeling to live with.

    If you think that you're better than everyone else and can swear at everyone just because you donated more money, then I feel sorry for you.


  12. kay says:

    @Bryan: Thanks for the link. I forgot to include it in the post.

    @Jim: I understand ur madness comes from ur concern of earthquake victim. I did donate money directly to earthquake victim as well. Just that, this is another alternative for us to help them. If you do not trust me, at least visit and have a look first. :grin:

  13. Bryan says:

    I'm sorry that you don't feel the need to help out in every single possible way. I know that I've been donating on my own accord, and getting my parents to donate clothes and other commodities. I also know that my school will be having a fund-raiser.
    The quake was horrible, and I felt it. It was a tiny tremor in my area, but that tiny tremor in my area caused thousands of deaths in another. It's a shit feeling to have to live with.
    If you feel that you're better than everyone else and have privileges to swear at everyone, just because you donated more money, then you're not a global citizen, and I'm very sorry for you.

    No worries~ ^^ Just trying my best.


  14. isaac says:

    msn shld really juz do it for all countries… i mean, how many ppl have a com after their home has been hit by a typhoon? (the typhoon WAS in china, right?)

  15. Bryan says:

    @ Jim
    I’m sorry you don’t feel that every effort should be made for those in need in Sichuan. I myself have donated on my own accord, and have gotten my parents to donate clothes and commodities to the areas around Sichuan. I’m also helping my school make clay pots for a fund-raiser. Please, do not jump to conclusions.

    The quake was horrible, and I felt it. It was a tiny tremor in my area, but that tiny tremor in my area caused thousands of deaths in another.

    If you feel that you’re better than everyone else and now have privileges to swear at people, just because you donated more money, then you’re not a global citizen, and I’m sorry for you.

    @ Kay
    No worries ^^
    Glad to help.

    @ Isaac
    Nope, I believe you have gotten your information wrong. There was an earthquake in Sichuan, China, on 12th May 2008 at 1428 hours, measuring a 7.9 on the Richter Scale. There are 30,000+ now confirmed dead.

    The event you’re talking about is the cyclone that had hit Myanmar.

  16. kay says:

    @Bray: Thanks for your help again. Appreciate that.

    @isaac: typhoon was in Myanmar. :grin:

  17. MG says:

    And Myanmar is also called burma in western countries.
    There was typhoon in  burma (Myanmar).
    There was earthquake in China.
    They are both terrible disasters and couse a lot of people dead.

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  19. mr.jaz says:

    help sichuan, it is very in need for help now so whether this works or if any other help sichuan shit on the internet works or not just try it because even if it might help it can still help

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