Make Free International Calls With EvaPhone


Maybe “make free international calls” doesn’t sound convincing to you as there’s no free lunch in the world. I would say I was thinking the same thing when I read it on Internet. But after a few trial, I think it pretty real and cool, although it’s not that perfect.

In a nutshell, EvaPhone provides Internet telephone calls for free. You can call from almost any place to your friends with an offered free VoIP call solutions which lets you make PC-to-phone free international calls. To start making free VoIP calls, all you need is a computer, speaker, microphone and Internet connection.

How To Make Free Call With EvaPhone

It’s as simple as nothing else. Just visit EvaPhone, select your country, type in a phone number which you want to reach to, click “Call” button. You will be reaching your friend after a very short advertisement. :)

Advantages of EvaPhone:

  1. No registration is needed
  2. No software download is required
  3. Fast connection and it’s FREE

Disadvantages of EvaPhone:

  1. Call duration is limited (short)
  2. Voice quality is normal
  3. Free 5 calls per day. Registration and fund are needed to have more calls.

Users can actually select between free and paid calls. A paid call comes without advertisements and uses are allowed to make more than 5 calls per day.

Visit EvaPhone now.

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7 Responses to Make Free International Calls With EvaPhone

  1. rajendra koju says:

    I want tho this webside or this free calling so what i can do. this maker r better then best 4 that poor people

  2. i need my dad………………

  3. tammar says:

    who u guys trying to frighten, ah? U know its not free and u saying it is! Just shove it and to hell with it!

  4. Sayo says:


  5. Kalsomtanha says:

    It is not free website, don’t waste your time.
    It is a kind of cheating with the local people.
    Don’t trust such kind of fucking websites.

  6. Sound interesting. Hope this works!

  7. for computer speakers, i alway buy those computer speakers that are made by JBL and also Cambridge Soundworks, they sound great`*-

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