Make Money with Playing Audio Ads on Your Site

PayPerPlay audio ads

Make money online with putting Google ads, selling text link ads and writing per pay post are no longer a new thing in blogsphere. In order to generate more income, we need more creative methods to fully use the website. Therefore, NetAudioAds has came out an idea to sell audio (Voice) ads through bloggers.

How does NetAudioAds work?

NetAudioAds is an online advertising media format which plays 5 seconds audio ads on your website whenever a visitor drops by. It is based on PPP(Pay-Per-Play) to decide the income of your website. Audio ads are only heard on web pages where the website owner has placed PPP code.

PPP audio ads are smart enough to play related content of any webpage where the PPP code is placed. The visitor will only hear one audio ad for every 3 minutes they visit if they have already heard an audio ad on another page of the same website.

Make Money with PPP audio ads

As a website owner can earn up to 25% of the “per-play” revenue spent by the advertisers that play audio ads on your website.

By referring other website owners, you can earn 5% of the total amount that our advertisers spend running ads on your referrals website(s). Therefore, without playing the PPP audio ads on your website, you also can earn some easy money too.

Advertises spend $100, whoever referred by you will earn $25, and you will earn $5.

Note that publishers can enjoy the earning from 2 tiers of affiliates. :idea:

Sign up PPP audio ads today!

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