Malaysia Is Not In The “Coming Soon” List For iPhone 3G!

no iPhone in Malaysia

If you’re Malaysian and waiting for iPhone 3G’s arrival on this land, then it’s time to give it up.

As you know, Apple introduced the iPhone 3G on July 11 in 21 countries. After that, Apple is trying its best to boost up the iPhone 3G production and expand this product to 50 other countries in August. 50 of them, but I can’t find any Malaysia flag in the list. sigh~~

iPhone 3G Countries Coming Soon List

In very short, iPhone 3G won’t be available in Malaysia, at least for this whole year.

As a conclusion, get a no contract version of iPhone 3G from the nearest countries, say Singapore with a no contract price.

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One Response to Malaysia Is Not In The “Coming Soon” List For iPhone 3G!

  1. Santhi Vellu says:

    My question is why wouldn’t Apple introduce Iphone in Malaysia. Anyone who has a logical explanation. Coz when I saw it in US, I was extremely impressed and thougth I could get one here….what a shame!

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