Microsoft is launching its own video site

Microsoft Video Beta
Microsoft is going to launch its own video site – Microsoft Videos Beta, in this coming April. The uniqueness of this website is its video player is supported by Silverlight but not Adobe Flash player. :shock:

With Silverlight’s feature, it would be no problem to load and play a video like flash player does. Microsoft Videos Beta is aiming to be a central location for view rich media from Microsoft. Its main competitor, no doubt, surely will be Youtube.

You will be able to scan our Quick Picks for the latest videos, enter a search, or choose a category from our Video Guide. Then tell us what you think by rating what you’ve watched. If you like what you see, you can share it with a friend or colleague, or link to it in your blog using one of our community features.

At Microsoft Videos, you’ll be able to rate, comment, share and more.

My $0.02

After Microsoft lost the war of Youtube acquisition to Google, Microsoft Videos has decided to produce its own video platform. With its limited web developers, I highly doubt Microsoft can launch a competitive website compare to Youtube. If Microsoft wants to win this war, video loading speed and video quality will be the main concerns at this moment.

Microsoft, don’t lose again!

p/s: At this hour, Microsoft is still bidding Yahoo for USD31 per share. Rumor saying that the bid price per share will be increased to USD34 soon. How do you think?

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5 Responses to Microsoft is launching its own video site

  1. iCalvyn says:

    google owning youtube, microsoft wanna to make a microtube or yousoft? lol

  2. [...] announced that they are going to launch a video website – Microsoft Video Beta in April. But most of the people do not expect that the Microsoft Video Beta will be launched on April Fool [...]

  3. kay says:

    Microsoft is just a copycat. I believe it takes time to compete with Youtube. A long one.

  4. Abas says:


    go microsoft go! Lol..I'm sick of Youtube & Google its Micsft videos turn.

  5. Kitkat says:

    Microsoft has lots of $ to play with… anytime can get some brilliant people to come up with a good microtube?

  6. Kay says:

    Kitkat, Microsoft is rich. But they lack of talented web developer. That's why at first, they tried to acquire Youtube.

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