Microsoft Surface Computer Is Commercialized

Microsoft Surface Computer

Microsoft is going to commercialize its Surface Computer in AT&T stores in New York City, Atlanta, San Antonio and San Francisco on 17 April

Surface Computer was first introduced in May 2007. Big touch screen on a table which allows interaction with images, recognize objects place on it.

Watch the demo below for a quick idea of what Surface Computer capable of.

Source from TechCrunch by Duncan Riley

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2 Responses to Microsoft Surface Computer Is Commercialized

  1. Abas says:

    Hi, K

    How are you leh?

    Its price could be more expensive than a 50" LCD HDTV? $5,000 to $10,000…gosh, another unnecessary luxury item to consider buying in the future. *chuckle* Personally, I'm more used to the computer mouse. The surface computing looks tiring to use.


  2. kay says:

    It maybe will be used in show room or exhibition. I don't think it can replace PC.  :cool:

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