New Changes for Google Adsense Referral Program

Google Adsense Referral

There are some new changes for Google Adsense referral program as Google team has decided to modify the original plan. Bad news for anyone who depends heavily on the earning of referring new publishers to Google Adsense.

1. New Plan for Promoting Google Adsense

Thanks for many fraud cases of cheating Google Adsense USD250 referral fee, Google Adsense team has decided to pay to user(the person who being referred by you) who is located in North America, Latin America or Japan ONLY!!!! Location of publisher has nothing to do with this change. You’ll earn USD100 for every user you refer to Google Adsense when they generate USD 100 in their Adsense revenue within 180 days. This condition comes with they must remove the payment holds too.

Previously Google Adsense pays USD250 for every user you refer when his/her revenue has reached UDS100 within 180 days.

These changes will go into effect the last week of January.

2. New Plan for Promoting Google Pack and Firefox

  1. Google Pack – Each successful Google pack referral will only earn up to USD1 instead of USD 2 from the third week of February. Location of referrals and users has nothing to do with this change.
  2. Firefox – Any Firefox from China will get a lesser payment from the third week of February. That means any installation from China users will not make publishers a good earning.

Needless to say, these changes sure will decrease revenue for most of the publishers. What else can publisher does besides accept these changes? If you want to stay in the game, play with the new rules and continue have fun with it. :cool:

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