New Tutorial Site for Adobe Director 11

Adobe Director Online
Some Director folks out there created a brand new Director site, Adobe Director Online, for Adobe Director 11.

A New Director Community

Adobe Director Online is aiming to become one stop for all director needs. The content shared or viewed is supported by many expert Director users who will help to build a more stronger Director community. So if you’re interested to write a tutorial post, you’re welcomed to submit it to them.

Contents Highlight

  1. Director 11 Features – About the latest features of Director 11.
  2. Latest Tips and Tricks – This section will highlight on the small tips or tricks which will help you and have a better experience in Director.
  3. Latest Tutorials – Step by step tutorial with source code provided.
  4. Samples – Samples that you can view and learn from them.
  5. Resources – Some useful resources. The list is still adding on.
  6. Director Info Blog – Latest information about Director.

Adobe Director Online

Will it replace Director-Online?

I hope both sites can grow at the same time. With more varieties, Director users can get information and knowledge more easily.

Adobe Director Online focuses more on Director PhysX so far. For whoever has interested in learning Director Physics and 3D, this will be the good source for you.

Anyway, thank you guys for making Director a better and useful software. :grin:

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7 Responses to New Tutorial Site for Adobe Director 11

  1. mike says:

    wow this is 100% useless. :roll:

  2. tiddy says:

    Adobe needs to produce more tutorials for director and treat it less like a stepchild and more like they treat dreamweaver, photoshop, and flash.

  3. Vics says:

    @tiddy – couldn’t agree more!

  4. sandeep says:

    Hi Sir/Madam,
    I am new to adobe director, will any one tell me which book is good for beginners.

    yesterday i read basics and i am confused in types of scripts, which time whixh script should be use and how can i get the option.

    Please help me


  5. mike says:

    Learn a different program, director sucks

  6. madmax says:

    How do I put my comment in Russian?

  7. Cleven Jeffery says:

    I 100% agree with mike and tiddy in their first comment on producing more tutorial in Adobe Director and I personally feel that they should have more tutorial in learning Director 3D Lingo because I am extremely very interested in learning the whole features from beginning to ending on how to use the Director 3D Lingo so that I can learn how to use it when creating a shockwave 3D movie.

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