ObjectDock Freeware – The World’s most popular Windows dock program!

ObjectDock acts both as a task manager and a program launcher. Users can customize the look of each item on the dock and set various animation options for when the mouse rolls over an item on the dock. The program is very easy to configure.

ObjectDock comes in two forms:

  • ObjectDock Freeware, which is a free download for all users.
  • ObjectDock Plus, which adds additional features such as tabbed docks, system tray support, taskbar grouping, multiple dock support, multiplemonitor support, fly-out menus and more. ObjectDock Plus is $19.95.
  • Here I am only explain ObjectDock Freeware. :D

    ObjectDock Features: Standard Dock (Free!)
    ObjectDock has two types of docks. The standard dock is essentially a single “tray” or “wharf” that can hold short-cuts, running tasks, docklets, and system tray items. The other type of dock, the “Plus” type, is the tabbed dock. The following section discusses the standard dock.

    Highly flexible visual appearance
    At a basic level, ObjectDock is simply a dock 06container for desktop items. It’s been designed to be as flexible as possible to enable users to easily drag and drop their programs and documents onto it. It is also very flexible in enabling users customize the way it looks and feels.

    Mouse-Over Zoom effects
    Another popular feature of ObjectDock is the ability to have the icons grow on mouse-over. When the mouse is moved over a given icon on the dock, it starts to grow.

    dock 4

    Easy replacement of icon images


    A minor but key feature of ObjectDock is its ability to allow you to change the icons of items on the dock. Since many icons don’t look good when enlarged, ObjectDock enables users to replace those icons with either other icon files or .PNG files. The popular customization site, WinCustomize.com, includes thousands of replacement icons for virtually every program out there.

    Optional Start Bar replacement
    ObjectDock can hide the Windows Start bar if the user chooses and take over all of its functionality.


    Download now.(8.63MB)

    [Jiayin, thanks for the tips]

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