Optimize and Maintain Your Computer with Ease – Win Mechanic Beta

I believe most of us face the same problom before – “the longer the OS installed, the slower my computer is”. When this happens on your computer, that means it’s time for you to analyse and upgrade your computer’s performance and security.

But how do we do that? Format computer surely is not the best solution. It takes time for OS installation. Moreover, you need to reinstall all the softwares, codecs and etc.

If you want to advoid all the nuisance, why don’t you try Win Mechanic Bet?

What is Win Mechanic Bet?

 Win Mechanic Beta

Win Mechanic is a powerful and easy-to-use freeware that tweak your computer to optimize system performance and fix system general problems with “one click” solution. Also,there is a hijacker scanner for both beginner and avanced user. The system scan feature is designed for the beginner, it scans the computer registry for general issues and fixes them, and it has the ability to fix some general system problems. Also it scans the key content of computer systems and can generate a summary of your computer. So the beginner can send it to the advanced user or computer expert to get further help. The expert mode is designed for the advanced user who is familiar with computer knowlege, it covers all of the most important area of computer system, so the advanced user can administer the computer with ease.
Win Mechanic is compatible with Windows2000, XP, NT and 2003.

Why Win Mechanic Bet?

• Freeware

• Optimize your computer with ‘one-click solution’.

• Scan/Fix registry for general issues to clean and optimize pc performance.

• Fix computer general problem with ‘one-click solution’.

• Generate professional system report to get help by advanced users.

• Detect computer hardware/software information in detail.

• Provide 12 key items of computer system for advanced user to manage computer with ease. 

• No Installation Required.

• Small File Size.

Download here.

My Angle

If you are new in using computer or you find no way t0 optimize your computer, try out Win Mechanic Bet. It might be your saviour. :D

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  1. I’ve been looking to buy a new computer but I was having a hard time choosing which one. Your article really helped me with choosing the right one for me, so thanks! I think I have a pretty good idea now as to which one I want to buy now…

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