20 WordPress Theme Clones Based on Popular Websites

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Layout design and theme are part of the most important element of a successful website. An eye-catch or simple theme of a website can be a trademark for people to remember it easily.

Hence, it doesn’t surprise that many designers are creative enough to design WordPress themes which are cloned to many big players like digg, facebook, twitter, Google and etc.

It might not that useful for individual blogger but if you would like to make fun with your WordPress blog/website, here’s 20 WordPress Theme Clones Based on Popular Websites. Details next!

  1. Gmail Clone

    Google Gmail is a unique style of WordPress. It aims to provide similar looks to actual Gmail in WordPress. It has collapsible widgets, admin links on front page for easiest access to edit posts and more.


15 Powerful Copy and Paste Tools


Copy-and-paste refers to the popular, simple method of reproducing text or other data from a source to a destination.

It differs from cut and paste in that the original source text or data does not get deleted or removed.

Since computer-based editing can involve very frequent use of cut-and-paste , here’s 15 powerful copy-and-paste tools (FREE!) which can be very convenient productivity-enhancers by letting you access the contents of a specific (relatively numbered) buffer in the ring when performing a subsequent paste-operation.

Details next!

  1. CopyPasteTool

    This small tool allows to save several values of text in clipboard and paste them. Use standard keys for copying (CTRL+C) and pasting (CTRL+V) as usual, but if you want to paste previous text in clipboard then simply press V again and don’t release CTRL. It’s free.


Experimenting Chitika Mega-Unit


Recently I am experimenting the performance of Chitika on K-Director.com.

If you are a regular reader of this website, the chances are you probably have no chance to view Chitika’ ads on this site because it only targets search engine traffic from US and Canada.

According to Chitika, new released Chitika MEGA unit is a brand new Chitika | Premium unit which able to boost your Chitika earnings up to 400% with more clicks and revenue.

How to Share and Store Photos in Gmail Easily


Here’s a quick review on a free Firefox 3 extension that leverages Gmail for online photo storage.

In case you would like to fully utilize the free spaces of your Gmail account, GPhotospace allows you to store and share your photos online without costing you a single penny.

20 Free Tools for Website Traffic Analytics


Analyzing and measuring website traffic help you better understand your website on which content is most popular, where your visitors are clicking, who is visiting your site, how they found you, where they came from, and any other important statistics.

If you’re new to self-hosted blogsphere, here are 20 FREE analytics tools that allows you to track your website more easily. Details next!

  1. Google Analytics

    Google Analytics allows you gain rich insights into your website traffic with Advanced Segmentation, Custom Reporting, Motion Charts, and where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site.


Generate Witty Status for Facebook and Twitter with Generatus


Sharing what’s on our mind is something what we always do with Facebook and Twitter. But it’s definitely time consuming for an impressive, creative, eye-catchy original status message.

Try Generatus, a cool website that generate funky status message for your Facebook or Twitter with a simple click.

Get Free Promotion Codes to Save Money in Bargn


It’s really unnecessary to spend extra money when you purchase something on Web. We all know that certain big toys like GoDaddy and Dell will release promotional codes for you to purchase something with a discount rate.

The truth is not everyone has such awareness or luck to enjoy the promotional codes as they have no idea where to get them.

With Bargn, you won’t be missing any promotional codes, coupons, and discounts anymore.

20 BEST Websites to Host Your Flash Files (SWF) for Free

Flash Hosters

We’ve seen a lot of free image hosting web services out there but hardly can get one for Flash files (swf).

We understand some of you might want to host Flash files (swf) for free as well. If so, here’s what we manage to compile – 20 best websites to host your Flash files (SWF) for FREE. Details next!

  1. MegaSWF

    MegaSWF offers you a free, stable .SWF file repository on our high-speed servers. You can upload SWF files up to 10 megabytes in size.

    You can use the free account (does not require registration) or go for PRO account that allows hotlinking. After the upload, you will instant hash link to use or view your uploaded Flash file.


Are You Ready for iPhone OS 3.0


On March 17, Apple presented the blueprint for iPhone OS 3.0, a newer and better version for iPhone platform.

According to Apple, iPhone OS 3.0 will be slated to ship in mid-2009 (summer) with over 100 new features which make your iPhone a more advanced mobile phone.

How to Manage Multiple Cloud Storages on Desktop


Cloud computing is a trend but managing multiple cloud storages is not something funny, at least to us.

Say if we manage files in Google Docs, Picasa Web Albums, Windows Live SkyDrive and ADrive on daily basic, the chances are we need to open up every single webpage in order to manage the files in different services.

Here’s a solution we’ve found – Gladinet Cloud Desktop, a FREE tool for you to manage multiple cloud storages on desktop with hassle-free.