Google Earth Program for iPhone: iPhone Earth [Video]

We all know Google Map program in iPhone. Recently Google Earth blog just released a demo video for iPhone Earth.

The demo is of a mobile application in development that puts virtual earth software on the iPhone. When the iPhone is tilted, the earth begins to rotate and you can navigate to another part of the globe.

10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in The World

What’s the difference between a phone that costs $300,000 and one that costs $100? You will know it after view the pictures below.

1. Vertu Constellation Monogram

The phone’s body is stainless steel, and the monogrammed leather back is handprinted in a four-hour process.

Price: Around $7,000 online

2. Mobiado Stealth

Its screen is scratch-proof sapphire. Designer Mobiado, based in Vancouver, Canada, produced a limited edition of 1,200.

Price: $2,875

Documenting the Open Web by Google Doctype

Google Code Google Doctype is an open reference library which written by web developers and given for web developers.

This open encyclopedia includes plenty articles on web security, JavaScript DOM manipulation, CSS tips and tricks and more.

It is 100% open for public. Web developers can search for web codes via Google Code search too.

8 Additional Resources on Si Chuan Earthquake by Google

Beside 2008 China Earthquake Donations Google Gadget, Google actually has done a lot of relief efforts for Si Chuan earthquake victims. Here’s another 8 additional resources on Si Chuan earthquake by Google. Full list after jump.

Search for relatives

Google Search for relatives

As name suggests, a simple Google search for anyone to search for their relatives who are in affected area.

Make Donation to Si Chuan Earthquake Victims via Google Gadget

We all know that China MSN users can contribute some helps to Si Chuan earthquake disaster victims via China MSN Rainbow Project.

If you’re a webmaster and you’re feeling to participate in appealing donation to your readers, here’s a good way to do it – 2008 China Earthquake Donations Google Gadget.

What is 2008 China Earthquake Donations Google Gadget

2008 China Earthquake Donations Google Gadget is basically a website gadget/widget created by Google which can be inserted in any place of a website.

How to Play Audio and Video Files Without Players

Media players are kind of important for people who like to share or carry music and video files around. If happen have no player is installed in a computer, you actually can convert music/video files into a stand alone program which allows you to play media files without a player.

Freeware to Converts Your Media file to an Exe File

Audio/Video to Exe converts audio/video files into other audio/video formats or an executable. After conversion, just run the executable file to listen or watch media files without a player.

How to Make A Word Document Talk

A word add-on called DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) allows you to listen the content of word documents.

What Daisy Does

DAISY provides a new ability “save menu” in Microsoft Word to allow you save a Word file as DAISY XML format.

Same way as a PDF file requires its own reader, DAISY XML file needs Daisy Pipeline to read the file because Daisy XML file itself is not a talking document.

Windows CEO Steve Ballmer Was Attacked by Egg in Hungary

Windows CEO, Steve Ballmer, was attacked by one of the audience with an egg during an address at Corvinus University of Budapest in Hungary.

Luckily or unluckily, Ballmer was not hit after took cover behind a lectern.

After dodging the eggs, Ballmer shrugs, smiles and quips, “It was a friendly disruption” and the auditorium breaks into laughter. Ballmer then rubs his chin and says, “That broke my train of thought.”

Make Money Online with Backlinks Dot Com

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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Trailer

Red Alert 3 trailer just released by Command & Conquer today. Let’s preview it.

Cool huh? :razz: