10 Best Free Tools to Convert Video into iPad Format


With the popularity of the Apple’s iPad/iPad 2 still rising, it’s not difficult to expect more and more people will use this handy device to surf website, watch video, play games and read content in future.

However, it could be a pain to watch a downloaded video on iPad as the iPad supported video formats are relatively limited. While there’s a number of video formats available on the market, iPad only supports .m4v, .mp4, and .mov video file formats.

Here’s the solution to watch a downloaded video/movie on iPad in any format – 10 best free tools to convert video into iPad format. Details next!

How to Export Friendster Profile Information, Blogs and Photos


Friendster, the long standing social networking site is finally giving up the “social” part and will be focused on entertainment and fun only in future.

According to Friendster,

Your Friendster account will not be deleted.  You will still have the same email login and password in the new Friendster.  Also, your list of friends will be preserved, along with your basic profile information.  However, all the photos, messages, comments, testimonials, shoutouts, blogs, forums and groups that you may have now will no longer be part of your account by May 31, 2011.

10 Places Where You Can Chat with Strangers


Feeling bored and want to make new friends? Chatting with random people could be fun and exciting.

If you want to build new relationships and kill your boredom, here’s 10 places where you can chat with strangers. Details next!

13 Impressive Online Presentation Applications That Create Beautiful Slides


Thinking for creating an impressive presentation slides but can’t get it done with PowerPoint?

We’ve compiled 13 online presentations applications (PowerPoint replacements) that allow you to create beautiful slides. Details next!

How to Install Windows Live Essentials 2011 in Windows Vista Service Pack 1


If you have no idea on how to install Windows Live Essentials 2011 in your Windows Vista service pack 1, here’s your solution.

Step 1 – Upgrade Windows Vista Service Pack 1 to Service Pack 2

Live Essentials 2011 requires Windows Vista Service Pack 2. Download Windows Vista Service Pack 2 standalone installer here.

10 Free Tools to Create Valentine’s Day Photo Effects in Five Minutes


If you’re planning to create a special Valentine’s day photo for your love one and don’t wish to spend hours on a tutorial, this article is for you.

Here’s 10 free tools to help you to create Valentine’s day photo effects in less than 5 minutes. Get ready with your photos, details next!

20+ Search Engines That Index People


Searching Internet high and low to relocate old friends from high school or any other person from your past?

This week we’ve compiled some search tools for you to reconnect with your friends. Here’s 20+ search engines that index people and allow you to do a background check easily.

Details next!

10 Great Tools to Block Time-Wasting Websites


Can’t stop yourself from spending few hours clicking around Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, RSS and other websites every day?

If you wish to stay focused on your tasks, here’s 10 great tools to improve your productivity by blocking time-wasting sites. Details next!

Top 10 Free Text-To-Speech (TTS) Tools


Text-To-Speech (TTS) tools are programs that convert words from a computer document (eg word processor document, web page) into audible speech spoken through the computer speaker.

Initially it’s used by the blind to listen to written material, but it is now used extensively to convey financial data, e-mail messages and handheld devices such as portable GPS units to announce street names when giving directions.

We find Text-To-Speech (TTS) tools are extremely useful and would like to share our highly researched content – Top 10 Free Text-To-Speech (TTS) Tools. Download link for each tool is provide as well. Details next!

15 Tools To Raise Your Project Funds

Thinking of start-up a project but lack of capital? There are a number of online tools that that allow entrepreneurs to start a fundraisers for their business or project.

This week, we’re going to showcase 15 tools that create your own personalized fundraising pages related to the campaign/project. Details next!