(Re)Building K-Director.com Blog – Phase 1

The progress of re-building K-Director.com is kind of slow after 3 working days. I don’t deny that this re-structuring progress is as slow as like a tortoise. But I did have a real job and real deadline for my real project. Moreover, people like to say that “Quality things made with patient”. :P

Working hard for K-Director.com!

OK. Less bullshit. Now talk about what I have done so far for my blog. If you’re going to start a new blog, this might be a good guide for you. At least, I re-design this site after 9 months of blogging. I know where to start correctly. It helps you to create a less mistake and more effective blog.

1. New Theme
As you see, this is a new theme for K-Director. This theme comes with 3 columns + 1 bottom row. At the top and bottom of sidebar, it merges 2 columns to 1 column. So I can insert a bigger size of widget up there and bottom there.
The font’s color, size and types have been changed too.
You can look for a free theme at http://themes.wordpress.net/.

2. New Tagline
I edited my tagline from “Download, Tech, Web, Make Money Online, Tips” to “Experience Web 2.0, Make Money Online, SEO, Blogging, Technology, Tips” and so does my home page title tag. The reason is simple. These tags are the contents I am going to focus on from now onwards. After 9 months of blogging, I finally know what I interested at. So, continue writing what I like is something can motivate me to maintain this blog.

3. New Google Custom Search
I am now using Google Custom Search. No more big big Google Search box at the top middle of my blog. The new Google Custom Search has been placed at a corner and I feel it fits my blog perfectly.
Google Custom Search allows user make money from its search result too. If you have no idea how to create a Google Custom Search for your blog, Dosh Dosh has a great post on how to set up Google Custom Search And Make Money.

4. New Comment Field
I installed WP-Grins plugin and TinyMCEcomments plugin to beautify my comment field. Now you can use a WYSIWYG editor on the comment field and at the same time, clickables smilies provided. And of course, you can subscribe my post comment via Subscribe To Comments plugin.

There’s still a lot to work at. Hopefully I can brief you more in phase 2.
If you have question about my rebuilding process, leave me a comment. :D

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