(Re)Building K-Director.com Blog – Phase 3 (Monetize My Blog)

So far, I just applied Google Adsense, Advertlets, Nuffnang and Kontera ads for this blog. As you see, I am trying to reduce the density of advertisements for this blog. No why. It’s just simply shouldn’t have so many ads before I have an ideal number of readers. The content is the most urgent part I should focus on. But still, at the same time, I want to test the responses of these ads’ placement and effectiveness.

Google Adsense

I placed few Google ads in this blog. Firstly, you can see at the top side there are 5 red color text links. These anchor text links will lead the clicker to a page which contains information and links of advertiser. Do not look down these text link units. So far, it brings the largest revenue for this blog. :!:

Besides that, there is a 336*280 (large rectangle) Google ads at the top of every post. For your information, 336*280 (large rectangle) is the most effective ads unit in Google Adsense according to many reliable websites.

At the side bar you can hardly see a blended Google ads. That is an experiment. No comment yet before I can get some statistic from it.

I didn’t blend or place any Google ads in my content because I don’t want any of you click or read the ads while you are reading my post.


Advertlest ads have been placed at the bottom part of this blog. Since it is a local advertisement company and they are paying RM, I don’t see any reason I should put it in a patency place. Image ads are always the main reason that distract reader’s attention, moreover, they got very little CPC too if compare with text format ads.


Nuffnang didn’t give me any surprise so far or worse, it really dissapoints me a lot. But why I still remain it here? That’s because I just left few bucks to withdraw this god damn money. :evil:

Kontera Ads

Kontera ads didn’t perform well too. But I have faith in it. I believe it will get better after I have more visitors.


I will concentrate on good content from now onwards.
Good content is the king. SEO is the queen. SEM is the prince. Good networkhood is the princess. :idea:

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