Receive RSS Updates in Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, Live Messenger & AIM

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Besides web browsers, I guess Instant Messaging are the most constantly used application in our daily life. Thus, folks in IMFeeds have taken this advantage and turn Instant Messaging into an alternative way for us to stay updated with subscribed RSS feeds.

In short, IM Feeds is a free service that allows you to receive RSS updates via IM; in other words, it is an instant messaging-based RSS reader. All you need to do is just have an account in Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, Live Messenger or AIM.

How to Start

Step 1

First you will need to add the IM Feeds buddy for your respective IM network with following IDs:

IMFeeds 2

Step 2

Simply send a message to IMFeeds in your IM. You will receive a reply on how to subscribe and unsubscribe a post.

IMFeeds 3

To read all the command, type “Help”.

IMFeeds 4

This is how it looks like after I typed “Lastest” command.

IMFeeds 5

If you’re a RSS guzzle and IM addict, I bet this will be an exhilarating tool for you.  Winking

Try IM Feeds!

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  1. a.m.chowhdry says:

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  2. This service doesn’t appear to be working. Dangit, ’cause I really need a solution like this so I can view new rss items on my phone.

  3. RSS Feeds are really very helpful and you could get site and news updates from it.-*-

  4. Ellie Hughes says:

    RSS feeds are really great because you are always updated with the latest news or blog posts.’~*

  5. Emma Hill says:

    RSS feeds are really great if you want to stay updated .,`

  6. i use RSS Feeds to syndicate my blog on other blogs`’~

  7. French Women says:

    i think that RSS FEEDS should also be included on the list of the best inventions because it makes life easier for bloggers like us -”

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