Save Your Bandwidth By Storing Images In Fumpr

Webmasters are always facing bandwidth problem and try up and low to minimize the usage of it. One of the bandwidth consuming factor is images on site.

Images loading can take pretty high bandwidth from server and thus, by storing images in other servers and hotlinking them is actually an alternative option to save your bandwidth usage. For this, meet Fumpr.

What is Fumpr

In short, Fumpr provides a simple online image storing application which allows you to upload your images to their server without costing you a single penny.

You are presented with an “upload” button in Fumpr homepage. Browse a file from your computer, upload it, and you will receive several information for your to share your uploaded image with others.

How to save bandwidth with Flumpr

Since Fumpr provides a link for embedding, you’re allowed to embed your images on your website and enjoy free image bandwidth!

You can upload images with a size of up to 7.5mb. Registration is NOT required to upload or download images.
The whole uploading and embedding process won’t take you longer than 10 seconds.

Note that Flickr is not allow its users to hotlink images from them even they provide an embeded link. So if you’re trying to reduce your server bandwidth, try Fumpr!

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