Send Emails To Anyone In The Future With EmailFuture

Do you remember Google previous April fool saying that they introduce Gmail custom time which allows Gmail users to send an email in a customized time? Well, in the end we know there’s just a prank.

google email prank

But for people who really wish to send emails to your friends or yourself in a customized time, you can try EmailFuture.


What is EmailFuture

In short, EmailFuture is a free way to send yourself emails in the future. Whether it’s a reminder email in half an hour or a message to your future self in 10 years.


How to send email in EmailFuture

No registration is required to start to write the e-mail. All you need to do is to type the recipient’s email address (up to 4), subject/title, message, customize date and time to send the email, set a timezone and select whether you want your mail in private or public. Then, click “Send” button to send your email.


EmailFuture can be very useful in playing a role as a reminder on important dates and appointments or a note to yourself or friends.

Visit EmailFuture!

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