SEO – Onpage Optimisation Techniques

Just depends on WordPress SEO plugins, definitely won’t make your website rank No.1.

That’s why recently I have been dealing with a lot of different types of SEO techniques. Half of my online hours has been spent in SEO sites. :(
After suffering from the last traffic dropped, I do really done my homework to understand more about SEO.

Here’s some SEO techniques for blogging.

A synopsis of Onpage optimisation techniques(SEO techniques include Onpage optimisation techniques and Offpage optimisation techniques.) is listed below:

1. Title - A good title makes Googlebot understand your site quickly.

2. Meta keyword – Keyword(s) that you want to emphasize in your blog.

3. Meta description – Sprinkle your key words in description, meta description should be precise and clear, this will be stated beneath your title in SERP.

4. Place your keywords in Header tags(H1,H2, H3,H4)

5. Put keywords in the first sentence - The first 20 words in your article are important.

6. Place your keywords in the post name - That’s why your permalink structure should be in short and clear.

7. Add keywords to Alt tags of images – Put a description for your images. Google crawls images too.

8. Add keywords to tilte attributes

9. Keywords in the anchor text to internal pages – Always link back your previous post.

10. Keywords in the internal link can go the home page - Link back to you homepage too.

11. Reduce the loading time of your webpage - Images, javascript, flash and etc.

12. Keep the keyword density between 3 and 7 percentage

13. Don’t be a content copycat - Googlebot hates to crawl the same content in different sites.

14. Read – You’ll get the latest SEO techniques here in future. I promise.

Besides that, you also can get some SEO tips from Johnchow’s ebook.

If you have any more SEO techniques for blogging, share it with me. :D

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4 Responses to SEO – Onpage Optimisation Techniques

  1. Edward Siow says:

    In my opinion, when talk about SEO, I have heard an Internet Gurus used 1 year to do SEO so that his page ranked in the first page in search result. But after 1 month, his page not even at the first, second or third page! At that time he really wanted to kill himself. So, when you want to do SEO, please think carefully. Is it worth to waste that time? Our web site really can’t live without search engine? Page rank really so important? Ranking higher means that content more quality? Think about it..There are a lot of building traffic techniques that we can use instead of SEO.

  2. Vijay says:

    SEO is essential, but not simply to get to top ranks in google search results, but also do give more accessibility and a comfortable experience to the users. More than the bots, we should ensure the human visitors to the site must be able to read and comprehend better

  3. kay says:

    I agree with you Vijay. Reader first, Google second. :)

  4. GSL says:


    That stuff is quite old …i’d be looking for new updates soon from your side

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