Set CHMOD 777 to all files in one shot

What is CHMOD?

CHMOD refers to setting the access privledges for a file. We normally modify it when dealing with add-on domain and WP plugins. It’s kind of fussy if we type CHMOD 777 filename for each file and what if we have 100 files?

These are the steps to show you how to CHMOD a folder and its contained files via ftp:

1. Run ftp software, then log into web server.

2. Browse to the folder that you would like to set it to CHMOD 777. Right click the folder and select “Attributes (CHMOD) Ctrl+O”.

Chmod 777

3. In the permissions text field, type in “777″.

Chmod 777

4. Check “Apply changes to all subfolders and files”

Chmod 777

5. Done!

CHMOD vs .htaccess

The wrong concept of many people having is modify .htaccess instead of chmod a folder for a writable folder. Therefore, if you still can write a sitemap by using WP sitemap plugin, try to chmod your folder with steps above.

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4 Responses to Set CHMOD 777 to all files in one shot

  1. SA says:

    chmod 777 and invite other crackers to include files in your home directory.

    if you don’t need 777 – don’t set it – dangerous.

    755 will do..

  2. kay says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    SA is right, if not necessary, don’t set chmod 777

  3. Hello,

    I tried to Set Full perrmission in one shot , as you have stated in your article above for my Folder “/includes” having all 27 files in it. But I could not do it. Because , right clicking mouse after connecting to server successfully by using FileZilla FTP, and selecting the same folder , I did not get the option “Attribute(CHMOD)Ctrl+ O”… Now all files have been up-loaded without setting Full Permission (CHMOD 777 for all the files in that folder.
    Now , at this stage, how can I SET Full permission for the same files again, when right clicking mouse does not show any attribute in FileZilla FTP client ?

    Please inform ASAP


  4. Carlos says:

    I downloaded a lot of ftp software and i can’t find the attributes option anywhere.

    Could you email me and tell me what ftp software i should use.


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