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Ever wanted to share a large file with your friends but realized you couldn’t send it through email? I’ve seen many people wanted to share a big file but have no idea how to do that.

Previously I did mention a few websites that help to host large file for sharing purposes like Adrive, Kadoo and Oosah. However, these sites require some paper work like registration, Java installation and etc.

Not saying they’re not good but I’ve came across another file hoster which provides the similar service but with a faster way – FILEURLS. The best thing of FILEURLS is it doesn’t request any registration in order to upload and share a file. :)


FILEURLS has a really simple interface for users to upload a file and get a shareable URL for it. All you need to do is just browse a file, set an expiry date, password protect the file and then get your download URL.

Free service always comes with limitations. If you’re not using it heavily, I guess these limitations are acceptable.

  • Max 250MB for a single file
  • Will be expired within 7 days
  • No track of downloads

If you’re not happy with the above limitations, you can get a premium account and pay as you go without a long term contracts. :)

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