Solutions For Slow Internet (Streamyx) Connection

Update: You may register a free account at OpenDNS to bypass Streamyx. The setting configuration will take you less than 1 minute.

I was having extremely slow internet connection from Streamyx last week. It could be the most frustrating problem in Malaysia because it’s extremely difficult to contact Streamyx customer support.

Therefore, I sent an email to to indicate my slow connection and got their reply after 2 days. Below are the solutions provided by Streamyx refer to my query on connection issue.

Streamyx Slow Internet Connection Troubleshooting

1) Bypass splitter/micro filter/fax machine/lightning protector.

2) Stand alone connection, from wall socket to modem (Means no parallel line, no spliter, no hub).

3) Flush DNS (Domain Name Server)
a) For Windows 98/ME:
- Click on “Start” button, go to “run”
- Type “winipcfg” and then click “OK”
- Select your network card name from the adapter drop-down menu
- Click on “Release” button
- The IP address should display Then click “Renew All”
- Click “OK” to close the window

b) For Windows XP/2000:
- Click on “Start” button, go to “run”
- Type “command”, click “OK”
- Type in “ipconfig /flushdns”, then press “Enter”
- Make sure the result is “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver cache”
- Type “exit” and press “Enter” to close the window screen

c) For Windows Vista:
- Click the Microsoft Vista Start logo in the bottom left corner of the screen
- Click “All Programs”
- Click “Accessories”
- Right-click on “Command Prompt”
- Select “Run As Administrator”
- In the command window, type in “ipconfig/flushdns”, then press “Enter”
- You should see the result “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache”

d) For Mac OSX:
- Double click on “Macintosh HD”
- Click On “Applications”, followed by “Utilities”. Locate “”,double click it
- A new “Terminal” will open
- To IP Config: Type in “ifconfig” at the command prompt
- To Flush dns: Type in “lookupd -flushcache” at the command prompt

4) Switch off the modem, unplug/re-plug all cables, wait for 5 to 10 minutes before switching on the modem.

5) Configure DNS (Domain Name Server).
- (Preferred DNS Server: DNS Server:

6) Clear Temporary Files, Delete Cookies and Delete Files under Internet Options.

7) Clear SSL Certificates (Internet Option).
- Click on “Tools”
- Select “Internet Options”
- Click on “Content” tab
- Click on “Clear SSL State”

8) Restore default browser settings.
- Click on “Tools”
- Select “Internet Options”
- Select “Advanced”
- Click on “Restore Defaults”

9) Temporarily disable firewall settings.

10) Perform Windows scan.

11) Temporarily disable anti-virus software.

12) Disable P2P application.

13) Reboot computer and the modem.

14) Do a bandwidth test from our website as follows:

If the result is below 70% of the required speed, please send an email to by attaching the result in kbits.

In order for Streamyx to streamline such matter, kindly run a ping (-n 30) command from your Streamyx connection to the game server and provide them with the result.

To run a Ping command:
1) Click Start
2) Click Run
3) type: cmd
or type: command [press Enter]
4) In MS-DOS prompt, type: ping {your game server address} -n 30 [press

Basically these are the troubleshooting we should perform when facing slow connection.

Note: Please make sure whether your area is running an upgrade, fixing, or technical problem before you run these troubleshootings. :)

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70 Responses to Solutions For Slow Internet (Streamyx) Connection

  1. Aliya says:

    guys, can u PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS recommend me another internet connection except streamyx, I want to install another one, but which I don’t know. can u pls reply me, whic is better one, wi-fi and without meeting up the problems. thank u,all!

  2. bizkin says:

    tried no.3 solution and it work wonders! thank you so much!!

  3. John. says:

    STREAMXX should upgrade their speed system, not block P2P or Bt.This is unreasonable you block this in a developing country. Shame of you!Why launch high speed package, For What?!Liar, [pay so much get little!]this is their slogan soon!Hope they will change their naive mind.Satu(M).

  4. Aliya says:

    hey, for this information, if I hav windows 7, whic tips I hav to follow? reply me PLSSSS

  5. Cara-cara melajukan Streamyx
    1. Jika guna IE, disable phishing filter dan automatically detect settings.
    2. Jika guna FF atau Google Chrome(GC), tukar segera kepada IE7.
    3. FF dan GC guna banyak RAM. Jika RAM tak cukup, komputer akan guna hard disk untuk survive. Lama-kelamaan hard disk rosak, RAM burn-out.
    4. Disable semua automatic updates. Contohnya, NERO, Windows Media Player, AVIRA, Windows Update, dsb ada fungsi auto-updates.
    5. Pastikan csrcs.exe tidak wujud. Yang ada cuma csrss.exe. Guna Autorun dan ProcessExplorer untuk mengesan “hantu” dalam computer anda.
    6. Pastikan tiada extra toolbar diinstall pada browser anda.
    7. Install JAVA dan flash player daripada websites yang asal.
    8. Jangan lawat porn site, friendster, facebook etccc. Sedap seperti aiskrim tapi bawa penyakit diabetes dan buah pinggang. Gunakan internet untuk reliable information dan ingredients knowledge. Jika benar2 nak syok, beli sebuah komputer yang murah yang khas untuk projek bantai saja.
    9. Selalulah berkunjung ke laman web Streamyx dan baca Announcement di situ.
    10. Scan komputer dengan A-squared dan Malwarebytes.
    tis guyz damn stupid …like that no need use internet better ….
    tis kns line realy is shit ….august start the line is frking slow ….

  6. Haterz says:

    Jz 1 sentence
    “Made in Malaysia”
    what u guys think ?
    Wawasan 2020 = Malaysia’s Doomed day

    ps : Improvement in technologies, i wan to ROFLMAO whole day

  7. Sweat says:

    I was experienced slow connection since last week. I noticed that everytime when i connected to internet i will surely get as my gateway IP. I thought it was random?

    So this slow connection shit just happen during daytime. Ping will rise to 200-1000+ and sometimes requests timeout without doing anything. Everything will back to normal in the morning around 4am – 10am.

    So i pay every month and you just let me use my internet during 4am – 10am? Streamyx, are you retarded?

  8. exsinner says:

    HAHA,aku bukan nak kutuk sesape,tapi korang boleh tak check line phone korang okay ke x???kalo line tu pn dah lama,mmg kna tukar.bila dah tukar baru line streamyx lajoo.Rumah korang pun dah brapa puluh taon punya line tu.memang la tak boleh connect.bangang siyal sape yang asyik complain ni.rumah pun dah berkurun(line fon berkurun) memang la slaloo tak stabil connection

  9. kambing says:


    TM dah dtg ganti phone line kat rumah aku, sama je… slow. Aku tak pakai P2P pun. Still slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Nak bukak TMNet punya Speedometer website pun tak boleh!!!

  10. Selangor Maju 2005 says:


    Rumah aku baru je masuk last year. sama je slow dia. dah memang tmnet bodo bangang nak wat cm mana. aku tak guna p2p pun. kau ni apsal nak bengang kalau orang komplen? hak pelanggan ler nak komplen. keje tmnet ke?

  11. bapak ko berpesan says:

    dah tau strmyx tak bagus wtpe gune..
    sifat manusia suka komplain,. dah tau strmyx bodo la, lembab la, lembu la, p gune wtpe, tuka la, byk lg isp kt mlaysia ni..
    w h a t t h e f i s h.
    typical malaysian.

  12. damNShIt says:

    Streamyx ,! can u repait ur system ! i choose 4mb package but my donwload speed just 54kb/s ! wtf !!

  13. P1 Wimax User says:

    mn ko tau yg dia cuma 200kb jer??

  14. ^^ says:

    speed test la bangang

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi,mate.Can i ask you is there any method can fix Windows 7 Ultimate too a.s.a.p??

  16. Dating says:

    great blog dude!

  17. rizal says:

    im using unifi now. previously im using streamyx 2mb. the line wasnt consistent .. but with inifi.. 10 thumbs up.. 5mpbs download.. 6mbps upload. the best so far. but the speed drop whenever there is upgrade and earthquake. few of my friends using p1. some say very good. some say very bad. but because p1 is not using fixed cable.. so its up to their luck of area. congested or near to the nearest p1 antenna.

  18. rizal says:

    best thing about unifi, today my modem router damaged by lighthing, early next day morning , they replace it. cool. really love my unifi service. but one thing bad.. when can i start paying my bills thru cimb clicks or m2u.

  19. Whatever says:

    Well, if you live in KL sure you can enjoy unifi. But stupid unifi is not to be found in Sabah. And for your information, Japan has used fibre optics in their Internet connection for more than 5 years, so actually TM is 5 years way behind modern’s technology.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Yah,so agree with Whatever.Those TM’s ***** doesn’t care about the advancement of Fibre Optic in East Malaysia….Such A Disgrace Company to me anyway.In British,even water department also got few company,as long as you pay the goverment tax,you also can control the water.This is why they are way better than Malaysia.

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