Speedlinking 28/08/2008

It’s been quite a long time I didn’t write a post of speedlinking and I seldom see other bloggers doing it nowadays. But anyway, as long as there are good posts or information, I think it’s good to share with everyone.

What do we have here

Result of WordPress Plugin Competition Winners - Never know that there is a competition for WordPress plugin after I saw the result of WordPress plugin competition in weblogtoolscollection.com . Thanks for all the participators so we can enjoy these powerful WP plugins to enhance our blogs. Great job!

A Blog about Automotive - If you like cars so much, then this is the site you must pay a visit. Surprisingly my friend sent me this link of Malaysia automotive blog. For those who hate Proton, you can read this blog to balance back your feeling towards car in Malaysia.

Update TLA Affiliate Links in One Shot - If you are a TLA publisher, I believe you have received an email from TLA claims that TLA is now using TinyURL.com to shorten and secure its affiliate referral links. Don’t be headache of how to update all the links in your posted articles. LiewCF posted on how to Update Text Link Ads Affiliate TinyURL in One Shot. (I have tried it, I think it’s more than “One” shot…)

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