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Apple 3G iPhone

I received more than 50 posts in my Google Reader today talking about the new 3G iPhone . It’s not amazed that everyone is discussing about it because Apple technology is always a heart-stirring one.

I did not keep track on Apple WWDC yesterday night. Therefore I read almost all the feeds which been talking about the new features of iPhone, comparisons, future required features or even places to purchase it.

I guess there’s no point for me to summarize every single information and regenerate a new post here. I did bookmark some informative posts. Full list after jump.

  1. Where to buy iPhone 3G? – Showing you where you can buy a 3G iPhone.
  2. iPhone Feature Comparison – Features comparison between iPhone, Nokia N96, Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, HTC Touch Diamond, and Samsung Omnia i900.
  3. Five things we want from the next iPhone – Read what features are actually not been satisfied by iPhone fans.
  4. Price to upgrade iPhone to 3G – Price you pay to upgrade iPhone from 2G to 3G.
  5. How can iPhone be so cheap? – Wondering why the price gets cheaper? Here’s some reasons.
  6. The New iPhone Is Apptastic! – Coming and existing attractions to download to your iPhone.
  7. Why The Unlocked iPhone Economy Won’t Go Away – Article about unlocked iPhone market. Interesting one.
  8. iPhone New Features – New features and should have improved features.
  9. Here come the new iPhone apps -  As title suggests.
  10. iPhone Video from the Stevenote – Videos of Steve Jobs going over all the features from the keynote.

Below is a TV commercial for new iPhone.

Nothing special to me. 

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