Speedy-Tech-News 16 April 2007

Let’s review what had happened in Tech-World last week.
#1 Google Acquires DoubleClick.com
Google - Double Clicks
Google announced of their plans to purchase DoubleClick.com($3.1 billon in cash). The purpose of this acquisition is to improve the relevancy and efficiency of online advertising. According to Google, this acquisition is a big win for everyone(you, Google’s publishers, as well as for advertisers and Internet users.)
($3.1 billon for a 10 years online company, amazing!)

#2 China Restricts Teenagers’ Game Hours
China has set a rule to game companies in order to limit teenagers’ game hours.
Teenagers under 18 who spend more than three consecutive hours per day will have limits imposed on the points they gain. Online gaming companies have been given a deadline of three months to install the anti-addiction software on its users. The anti-addiction software will reduce the points scored by the gamers by 50% if they play from more than three hours per day.
(China teenagers like to play games too much, that’s why China has so many fatty now.)

#3 100 million iPods sold – and counting
Apple has now sold 100 million iPods, boasting this week that the digital device was “the fastest selling music player in history”, and claiming it appealed to both young and old.
“iPod has helped millions of people around the world rekindle their passion for music, and we’re thrilled to be a part of that,” Apple’s chief executive officer Steve Jobs said in a statement.
(The more iPods sold, the more privated mp3s downloaded)

#4 Apple will delay release of new OS X version for 4 months
Apple, the computer and consumer electronics company, is delaying the introduction of the new version of its flagship Macintosh OS X operating system as much as four months because of quality issues.
The company previously said the program would ship this spring.
(Leopard is not running fast enough to replace old Tiger)

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