Speedy-Tech-News 4 April 2007

#1 WordPress 2.1.3 AND 2.0.10
WordPress has released version 2.1.3 and 2.0.10. These releases include fixes for several publicly known minor XSS issues, one major XML-RPC issue, and a proactive full sweep of the WordPress codebase to protect against future problems.
Download latest stable release of WordPress (Version 2.1.3).

#2 You’ve got a mail from Google Adsense
Do you have a google adsense account? There is a new feature – a personal inbox where google will send you customized optimization tips. Google system will automatically analyze your account and ad settings. Based on these findings, you’ll receive a notification each month in your AdSense account if there are changes you can make to improve your overall AdSense performance.

Google Adsense

Check your mail now!

#3 Linkin Park New Album [Minutes to Midnight] Release – 15 May 2007
OK. I know this is nothing about technology. But I really can’t stop myself from sharing this excited news with everyone. After 4 years since the last album, finally the new album – [Minutes to Midnight] is releasing! If you really like them, get an original album please.
Visit Linkin Park Official Website to get the details.

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