Subscribe Facebook Friends’ Status Feed


We guess every single Facebook user does actually check his/her friends’ status daily. The fun part is you get to know what are your friends doing and thinking.

At the same time when you’re interacting these status with your friends, you can actually subscribe your Facebook friends’ status feed in order to get a notice in your feed reader whenever your friends update their status.

To Subscribe It


  1. Log into your Facebook.
  2. Go to “Friends”.
  3. On the left sidebar’s “Subscribe” section, click on “Friends’ Status Feed”.

If you have no idea on what is feed and RSS, explore deeper in and we bet you can get an answer here.

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3 Responses to Subscribe Facebook Friends’ Status Feed

  1. Modern Gank says:

    Nice boy dont open Rock n Roll

  2. quiero escrivime para conocer mas abmigo

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