Summary of Adobe Director 11 Online Meeting


For those missed Adobe Director 11 online meeting which was held by Martin on last Tuesday, here’s the summary of the meeting posted in Director Forum.


“After a short introduction (and some horrid music, which Alex asked for) I started to
demonstrate some text issues which I either already have recorded or will record shortly
just like the "award-winning" ones I’ve already made available in the Director Community Bugbase and on Directorforum.

Most of these bugs were already known by the Dev Team and Krishnan promised to give us an update by next week.

I really hope, they understood how crucial fixing these bugs is.

Afterwards I presented an issue with the message window being placed inside the right panel group, which makes it impossible to attach behaviors to sprites via the behavior inspector. Strange stuff.

After this, Lutz Westermann and Berndt Garbotz tried to present on various PhysX and 3D bugs and quirks, which turned out to be a bit difficult. The Adobe Connect system has a rather low frame rate when sharing the screen … and … for us non-native english speaking folks (me included) it’s often very hard to find the right words to perfectly explain.

Lutz and Berndt are already in contact with the appr. Devs and the have put a lot of effort into preparing demo files and to explain the problems as good as possible.

At the end of the session I (again) asked for more open communication with the community and I feel like they are ready to change that now. The door can still open
up more, and I strongly believe that we can improve step by step. These meetings are a great way to do so and I really hope that next time we weill be able to welcome Allen and Tridib to the event.
Btw.: Director has a new product manager, Rajnesh, who introduced himself on Tuesday.

51 attendees was a great success and exceeded my expectations by far. I’m really hape that we all made this happen and I’m looking forward to repeat that on a regular basis.

Please note: This meeting and future meetings are NOT by any means MY (Martin) effort, but a community effort and everybody can and shall be involved. The Directorforum was granted "Adobe User Group" status about 2.5 years ago and one of the benefits is, that we
are given this great Adobe Connect Pro Account. It’s up to all of us to make use of it. ”—by Martin

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