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Search Files and Folders Instantly in Windows [How-To]

Searching high and low for a particular file or folder in Windows? If you’re fired up with Windows default search engine, here’s another free and portable search engine tool for your Windows – "Everything". In short, "Everything" enables you quickly

30 Free Useful Accounting Softwares You Should Know

Accounting software provides a platform for you to computerize the process of managing your personal/business budgets, tracking spending/important data and checking your accounts instead of using pen and paper. There are countless accouting softwares out there and fortunately, we’ve managed

15 Powerful Copy and Paste Tools

Copy-and-paste refers to the popular, simple method of reproducing text or other data from a source to a destination. It differs from cut and paste in that the original source text or data does not get deleted or removed. Since

15 Best Freewares To Rename Multiple Files And Folders In A Batch

Technically speaking, renaming multiple files and folders is not a tough job at all if you know how to apply the most appropriate tool to do it in a batch. If you’re tiring and frustrating of pressing F2 and rename

How To Add Watermark Quickly For A Batch Of Images

Watermark an image is one of the best way to protect your images on your website. It’s definitely at tedious job if you have quite a number of images that you want to put a credit on it. WatermarkV2 is

A Brand New Image Editor – RealWorld Paint.COM [Freeware]

Do you remember the powerful image editor Paint.Net? Here’s another similar freeware which works as an image editor as well – RealWorld Paint.COM. In short, RealWorld Paint.COM is a freeware image editor that capable of working with image with a

Convert Video Media With Quick Media Converter [Freeware]

Video file format conversion could be a tedious job if you’re not using the correct software. It would be too expensive to get a software just for converting video file and time consuming if you plan to do it online.

Copy A Region Of The Screen Quickly With Snippy

Snippy is a fun tool that allows us to mark out the region of your screen that you want to copy and keep it in your clipboard so you can paste it in any application. No more carefully selected some