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10 Free Applications for Cross Browser Test

Running a cross browser test for website is important as web developers can check their website’s design and make sure it’s looking good across every browser. If you’re a web developer and would like to run a cross browser test,

Benefit from Copied Content with Tynt

Ever wonder who’s interested in your content and sharing it with others? Try Tnyt. In short, Tnyt lets you have an idea on what content is being copied and shared from your website so you’re aware of what really interests

Integrate Facebook Comment to WordPress [How-To]

Integrate Facebook comment to your WordPress blog can easily add values to your site by allowing your readers interact with your site using their Facebook account in comment section. Moreover, the Facebook comment will be shown up on your readers’

15 Free Plugins & Tools to Supercharge Your WordPress Blog

No one questions the best application to build a blog would be WordPress. But the competition in today’s blogsphere is very tough. We all know that search engine optimization is essential to drive growth to a blog. But how? There

22 Most Wanted Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

With Google Chrome, the Web browser becomes productive ground for bloggers. Google Chrome provides quick access to blogging tools with handy extensions which allow bloggers to research content, produce content, capture screen shot, edit images, fast bookmark and enhance SEO.

Blogging Tips For New Startup Bloggers

I started this blog on January 2007. That was a time when most of my friends didn’t know how a blog is operated. Started up K-Director Dot Com wasn’t an easy task to me as there’s not much resources for