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Add Facebook to Google+ [How-To]

Having problem in switching between Facebook and Google+? Without a doubt, it’s a tedious task to login both accounts just to do similar tasks. We understand the pain and hereby introducing an extension that allows you to add the Facebook

Download Photos from Facebook [10 Best Tools]

How to download photos from Facebook? It’s a common question from Facebook users who would like to back up their photos which been uploaded to Facebook album since the first day they share their photos on Facebook. By default, Facebook

Integrate Facebook Comment to WordPress [How-To]

Integrate Facebook comment to your WordPress blog can easily add values to your site by allowing your readers interact with your site using their Facebook account in comment section. Moreover, the Facebook comment will be shown up on your readers’

Solution: Facebook Open Graph Picks & Publishes Wrong Image as Thumbnail

You spent hours to follow a long tutorial on how to integrate Facebook Open Graph with your websites but ended up with Facebook picked and published the wrong image as thumbnail when someone clicked the “Like” button in your post?

Like Us at Our Facebook Fan Page

Since online consumers are spending more time on social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn than on e-mail, we want to make sure that our blog keeps pace too. Hence, we’ve created a Facebook fan page at https://www.facebook.com/KDirector.

Subscribe Facebook Friends’ Status Feed

We guess every single Facebook user does actually check his/her friends’ status daily. The fun part is you get to know what are your friends doing and thinking. At the same time when you’re interacting these status with your friends,