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10 Absolutely Useful Tips to Browse Faster in Firefox

(Image source: Foxkeh’s Blog) Web browsers have become a must-have tool for Internet users to access gulp loads of information on websites, blogs, social networks and emails. On average, individuals spend around 13 hours per week on Internet. The times

How to Enable Incompatible Add-ons & Extensions in Firefox 5

Firefox 5 released, arrives only three months after Firefox 4. If you’re using Firefox 5 and noticed there’re incompatible add-ons or extensions weren’t updated to support the new release, try to install Add-on Compatibility Reporter. In short, Add-on Compatibility Reporter

How to Enable “Save and Quit” function in Firefox 4

Looking for “Save and Quit” function when closing a window with multiple tabs in Firefox 4? There’ were some changes for some of the warning messages in Firefox 4 and it doesn’t allow users to modify these changes in “Tools

16 Firefox Tips You Should Know

We believe you would like to use the Firefox browser’s capability to the fullest as Firefox provides more ways to customize the browsing experience. Here’s what we’ve collected – 16 Firefox tips you should know to let you access every

8 Firefox Add-ons To Enhance Google Reader Experience

Firefox Add-ons lets us extend Firefox and personalize our browsing experience by customizing Firefox for the things we really love to do. It takes our browser from simple to spectacular and add a personal touch to our browser with a

How To View Saved Passwords In Firefox

I personally depend heavily on Mozilla Firefox for browsing Internet. Thus, I have saved plenty of passwords on Firefox so I will never have to enter it over and over again. The best part is it saves a lot of

How To Backup Your Mozilla Firefox Settings

I have to admit that I am a huge fan of Mozilla Firefox browser. Mozilla Firefox browser has been set as my default browser regardless at home or work. Thus, it’s common that I save all my bookmarks, passwords, shortcuts

Download All Links And Images In A Webpage With DownThemAll

If you’re a Firefox user and often interact with multiple, large downloads, here’s a Firefox add-on that worth a thousand try – DownThemAll. In short, DownThemAll is a powerful mass downloader for Firefox. This new advanced Firefox add-on enhance download