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25 Free Useful Subtitle Tools for Video

SRT text file is used to display subtitles of a video when a video is played in computer. Sometimes, we just need to adjust its timing to make it better. Sometimes, we just can’t get the right language of the

30 Free Online SMS Services

Previously when we did the compilation post on 20 Free Phone Call Online Services, we have readers writing in suggesting if we can showcase a similar post for free SMS services. After a deep research, we’ve managed to collect 30

30 Best Websites for Totally Free Photos & Images

If you are searching the Internet high and low for a free photos or images that can be used in print and web design, this entry is for you. Here’s 30 best websites for totally free photos and images that

Google Adwords RM150.00 Free Voucher

If you would like to open a new account and advertise your business on Google Adwords, this article is for you. This week, we received a few copies of Google Adwords free vouchers that inviting us to place our ad

31 Top Free Online Antivirus Scanners and Antivirus Softwares

We all know that having virus protection is important because one of the biggest threat of using a computer is virus infection. Therefore, antivirus software has become a must-have tool for many computer users. If your computer is infected and