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Add Some Funny Effects On Your Photos – piZap

Previously I did introduce PhotoFunia to make your photos unique and funny. Here’s another free online editor which allows you to add funny effects on your photos on the fly – piZap. In short, piZap lets people easily create wacky

The Funny Gmail Error Message

Besides the humorous alert Of Google Chrome, folks in Google Operating System had discovered another funny error message in Gmail. Dear valued user, You have reached the error page for the error page… You win!!

Holiday Funny Video: Jeff Dunham – Achmed the Dead Terrorist

A pretty impressive ventriloquist act by Jeff Dunham. It’s nothing to do with technology nor blogging but I guess it’ll make you a happier day. This video has over 63 million views and 16000 subscribers. I believe with such statistic,

Weekend Funny Pictures: Gogola Drinks In India & Smiley Face For Google Earth

Folks in India are selling a drink named "Go.gola". You can see "Go.gola" hawker stall in Mumbai. See how creative the stall is designed to attract people. I believe their target customers are technology freaks.

Safety and Stability Bike

Check out the latest technology in keeping a bicycle stable while riding at slow speeds. The Gyrobike: Safety and stability make biking more fun!

Humorous Alert Of Google Chrome

Besides being fast and powerful, Google Chrome has brought a new fresh look for browser. We’ve seen the hidden tricks and easter egg of Google Chrome yesterday, I gonna show you something funny today – the humorous Google Chrome uninstall

New Games In Next Olympics [Video]

A friend of mine emailed me about the upcoming new games in London Olympics. Here’s some videos that show how these upcoming games will look like. New Judo

Discover Which Celebrity You Look Like

Look like a celebrity might not bring you any money but I am sure it makes you look more outstanding when standing in crowd. If you are wondering which celebrity you look like, meet My Heritage’s Face Recognition.