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Search Files and Folders Instantly in Windows [How-To]

Searching high and low for a particular file or folder in Windows? If you’re fired up with Windows default search engine, here’s another free and portable search engine tool for your Windows – "Everything". In short, "Everything" enables you quickly

20 Websites to Share, Search and Download PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint has been widely used for producing slide shows that can incorporate text, graphics, video, animations in business and classrooms and is an effective tool when used for training purposes. It is the number 1 program used worldwide for

Video Search Engine – VideoSurf

Couldn’t find a video one YouTube or Hulu? Here’s a better alternative for you to search for a particular video just like we search information through Google – VideoSurf. In short, VideoSurf is a brand news search engine on video

SEO Tutorial By Google Webmaster Central Blog [Video]

Folks in Google Webmaster Central Blog has releases some useful tutorials to help you understand how Google works. Thanks for these thoughtful mentors to present us video tutorial on how Google discovers, crawls, indexes site’s pages and how Google displays

All In One Video Web – Meefeedia

I am not a YouTube/Hulu/Break fan as I don’t have much time for me to spend for watching online video in my daily life. Therefore, whenever I would like to search for an online video, I will do it in