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10 Absolutely Useful Tips to Browse Faster in Firefox

(Image source: Foxkeh’s Blog) Web browsers have become a must-have tool for Internet users to access gulp loads of information on websites, blogs, social networks and emails. On average, individuals spend around 13 hours per week on Internet. The times

Search Files and Folders Instantly in Windows [How-To]

Searching high and low for a particular file or folder in Windows? If you’re fired up with Windows default search engine, here’s another free and portable search engine tool for your Windows – "Everything". In short, "Everything" enables you quickly

Automatically Copy USB Files in Silent When An USB Drive Connected [How-To]

Recover damaged or deleted files is not something new. But automatically copy USB files in silent when an USB drive just connected is smart. In order to do that, you need USBDumper. In short, USBDumper is a smart portable utility

Disable Android 3G, EDGE or GPRS Connection [How-To]

Having problem to turn off 3G, EDGE or GPRS connection on your Android phone? Try APNdroid. In short, APNdroid is a free Android app which allows you to enables or disables mobile data (internet) on Android. It makes mobile data

5 Useful Tips to Save Web Pages as Adobe PDF

Adobe PDF is the most popular format for reading materials as the formatting is preserved and compatible to most computers, eBook readers, tablets or mobile devices. With gulp loads of information on Web, we tend to save a web/blog content

How to Print Multiple Files in Batch without Opening Them

What would you do if you want to print multiple files in batch? Usually we just open the files with default program and then go to File – Print. Things get complicated when you have more than one document to

How to Enable “Save and Quit” function in Firefox 4

Looking for “Save and Quit” function when closing a window with multiple tabs in Firefox 4? There’ were some changes for some of the warning messages in Firefox 4 and it doesn’t allow users to modify these changes in “Tools

How to Split Your Browser into Dual or More Views

How do you compare multiple webpages side by side, translating one page to another page, refering something in the left panel and type about it in the right, or do side by side comparisons of products in a browser? Switching

5 Useful iTune Tips & Tricks for iPhone/iPad Beginners

Owning a new iPhone or an iPad is lot of fun. However, many of the new users are also equally frustrated with the functionalities in iTunes. If you’ve been asking around on how to change your iPhone ringtone and exporting

10 Absolutely Useful PayPal Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Today, over 150 million of Internet users are using PayPal to transfer and receive money through Internet. This number one electronic payment processor provides an all-in-one solutions for e-commerce business and it changes the world how to handle money in