The Story Behind Windows Live Messenger Rubber Ducky (18sx)

MSN Rubber Ducky

Do you recognize this Rubber Ducky? Yes, it’s Windows Live Messenger build-in avatar picture. Do you feel it’s cute when you are putting it as your avatar or seeing your friend set it as his/her avatar? Now I tell you the story of this cutie duck.

It is actually a WATERPROOF VIBRATOR!!!

Windows Live Rubber Ducky

Don’t be shock. It’s true!

Background of Rubber Ducky

It runs on two AA batteries. You can press his(yes, he is male) torso to activate it which makes him bzzzz bzzzz bzzzz + quack quack(vibrating). It used to disguise as a playtime toy if you’re sharing a bathroom with someone. (Now you can actually leave your personal vibrator out for all to see.) :twisted:

There’s even a travel version(half of the normal size) that runs on one AAA battery.

Windows Live Rubber Ducky
You gonna like this pinky duck.

The price is $19.95. I think I gonna order it for coming contest! Are you interested?

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4 Responses to The Story Behind Windows Live Messenger Rubber Ducky (18sx)

  1. Sze Ping says:

    Useless for me… :p

  2. Kay says:

    You can buy it for your girl friends. LOL

  3. Cam says:

    Old story I know, but this is NOT the same duck as the MSN avatar. Put it side by side, the differences are apparent.

  4. It’s cute, but I wouldn’t want to put a duck down there. LOL

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