The Suppose-To-Be of

Have you noticed I make a simple change on the top in my single page? Actually I just recycle the graphics I created long time ago.

Long long time ago…

Many of you might have no idea how did I start I was very active in a Director forum named After few years of answering and replying director users’ questions, the admin of the site – Tony Domigan, decided to reward me on helping him so much.

So, he offered a free domain name+1 free web hosting plan. And I decided to make something about Director too, that’s why u see my domain is K is my name(kay) in case you don’t know.

The original plan
So this is the original plan of – a personal porn portfolio site. There suppose has a forum about director, a portfolio site contains all my works, and a blog too.
Suppose to be

If you’re interested, I still keep the suppose to be version of by flash+director).
Click this link to see :

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