The web portal that beats Google in Korea –

How many of you really go through all the link provided by Google search result till 3rd page? I believe the search results given are usually too over.

Google Search Result Page Bar

Recently read an article about the legend killer –, a new type of search engine that gives Google a slap in Korea.
What has done better than Google is simplified the search results, digest them into different categories then arrange them within a page. Yes, only 1 page of search results will be shown.

If we search for ”Microsoft” in Naver, the first result will be the top 5 sites that related with “Microsoft”. In the same page, there are some images related with “Microsoft” too and as well as products related to “Microsoft search result page has successfully attracted more than 30 millions internet users everyday. That’s why it’s called legend killer in Korea. While everyone is using Google for searching, Naver actually turning the traditional search result page to a better and user friendly generation. Same lesson for bloggers or product developers. Only following people’s old steps can’t make you outstanding. I am not saying Yahoo and Microsoft Live. In order to be at the top, evolution is needed. Don’t you agree?<

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3 Responses to The web portal that beats Google in Korea –

  1. I wonder if is available in English

  2. kay says:

    I don’t think has an English version. :D

  3. sangyeok says:

    we want to use naver but we dont understand the given language so whats the solution

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