The World Smallest Digital Camera by Samsung


Samsung has successfully invented the world’ smallest digital camera. The size of this digital camera is just like a coin with 1 inch thick. It supports 8 Mega pixels with ISO1600 and zoom-able.

View the image below for better idea.

Smallest Digital Camera by Samsung

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2 Responses to The World Smallest Digital Camera by Samsung

  1. Abas says:

    Hi, K-Director

    How are things?

    Heeh..looks like something 007 would use. Wow..8 MP, impressive! There could be a storage problem coz it definitely does not support XD,SD,CF, & etc. *snigger* :-D


  2. Kay says:

    Hi Abas,
    Thanks for your comment. My name is Khai Ho, or u can call me Kay too. Look carefully at the picture, it does has a memory stick plugged with the device. Amazing ya?

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