Theme Layout Updated

As you’re seeing right now, has a fresh new layout look. I shifted the content to the right side, giving it a bigger space. I still remain 3 columns in 1 will be definitely used for content, 1 will be used for text links as another one will be used for ads.

New Layout

If you have problem seeing the new layout arrangement or there is any alignment mistakes appear in your browser, you probably need to delete your browser’s cookies in order to see the changes. (It’s good to delete cookies from time to time, save hard disk space and protect your privacy.)

There are some reasons I did this minor construction.
1. More space to blog.
2. Bigger image to be shown.
3. Content can be loaded much more faster.
4. New content (category) requires bigger playground. (Patient, will be posted by this week. :D )

I would like to apologize if it takes your time to adapt this new design.
But evolution is needed for better tomorrow. Don’t you agree ya?

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