New Policies

Make Money With is my weekly income generator. I like it because of its $5 minimum payout, endless text link ads on my site, and of course its earning speed.

Basically I cash out my points every week as long as it is more than 10000 points regardless the buyout price (buyout price grows every week due to growth of the entire TNX network and its effectiveness.)

Just yesterday when I tried to cash out my points for buyout price $0.82 per 1000pts, I saw a new statement – “Including points on hold: 33279.00 (you can not withdraw these points because they are given in advance, but you can use them for your campaigns)“.

TNX On Hold

Some new policies have been applied.

The New Policy

  1. Points are actually given in advance, therefore, publishers are not encouraged to cash-out points that are given for one month in advance.
  2. Advertise the links first, then only get paid. It make sure publishers won’t delete unwanted ad campaigns after cash out the points.
  3. All links on publishers’ websites are summed up then number of points given to you in advance is calculated for each link.
  4. “On hold” will be shown for unavailable points until the link was displayed on publishers’ website for 3 days.
  5. No more 50% withdrawal limit because earnings are counted in daily basic.

My $0.02

Everything now is back to square. Sell first, then only get paid. Actually it sounds fair enough for both parties. I believe publishers are able to go through this low earning month if they are already get paid 1 month in advance.
But still, is the fastest and easiest money maker for me so far. :grin:

PS: Buyout price has increased to $0.82 per 1000pts from $0.69 per 1000pts in last Decemeber.

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